Book is now in final editing stages

My book is now in final editing stages, and I am on schedule for the January 2010 launch!

I’ve just posted the Table of Contents, cover artwork and quotes on Everyone I’m talking to is excited to see this come to life – I think there’s been a big void in the “food allergy ressources” space for those of us who have had to start on this journey alone.

So it’s only fitting that the title of my book is Where Do I Start? I know this question circled around my head for months when I first eliminated wheat, dairy and refined sugar from my diet. I remember walking around in circles in my kitchen, starving, and wondering what to eat. And I remember being stuck waiting for a bus, or out at school, having to choose (many times) between going hungry and eating something that would make me sick. Thankfully I’ve learned how to adapt very successfully to my diet – now 8 years running – and I’m really looking forward to sharing all my painful lessons with other people so that I can make their journeys just a little bit easier than mine!

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