Gluten-Free Deal! Half-off gluten-free food delivered to your door

How awesome is this? There’s a WagJag deal on now for the next 4 days to get gluten-free goodies! $15 gets you $30 worth of food from Canadian Alternative Foods.

I checked out the online store and they have a pretty decent selection of baking mixes, cookies, snack bars, brown rice pasta and more. If you’re in their delivery area, they delivery for free. Outside their delivery area, you’ll pay for Canada post shipping costs, but they’ll give you a coupon for your next purchase.

While I always say that it’s healthiest to eat whole, unprocessed food – I do admit that it’s nice from time to time to have a treat. And it’s always great to have some packaged snacks stashed away in your purse, your car, your desk, and with your childrens’ teachers. There’s nothing worse than being caught out doing errands, at school¬†or at work – ¬†hungry, and with no safe food choices available. Just don’t gorge out on them as soon as they arrive at your doorstep :)

If you do order from these guys, let me know what your experience is with them!

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