Gluten-Free Living…Made Easy! Integrative Health Institute (April 8)

I just wanted to place a  quick post to say “thank you!” to everyone who joined me at last week’s talk on Gluten-Free Living…Made Easy! at the Integrative Health Institute (Toronto) last Thursday. A few highlights for me including one young woman who came to learn more about gluten-free cooking so that she wouldn’t make her Celiac friends sick (wow! if only everyone were so keen to learn more!), and another woman whose journey in improving her health was almost a mirror image to my own.

Dr. Meghan Walker (ND) was also kind enough to chime in with some great advice on identifying food allergies outside of an elimination diet. Her advice – elimination diets are great for identifying and getting rid of major problem foods – but if you find your health improvements have plateaued or some of your complaints still linger, your naturopathic doctor can order non-invasive IgG blood testing to help identify other less obvious food sensitivites.

And of course, I was thrilled that many of the participants picked up a copy of my book, Where Do I Start? Your Essential Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Food Allergy Cookbook, full of substitution guides, a troubleshooting guide, tips, tricks, and of course plenty of yummy recipes!

All in all, it was a great evening, full of questions and discussion. I will be back to the IHI in about 6 months. If you missed this session, stay tuned to Gluten-Free Toronto for more upcoming workshop dates and media interviews!

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