Happy Easter! Gluten-free vegan truffles

Happy Easter everyone! I just received a question from a reader the other day who was looking for gluten-free vegan Easter chocolate. So I thought I would share my latest find, decadent truffles from Girlnola. Each package comes with three individually wrapped truffles, and they are all gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and have no added sugars! I’ve tried all three varieties: heartbreaker, almondkiss, and cloudnine. I have to say my favourite is the heartbreaker which has a slightly crunchy texture with its dark cocao nibs and quinoa, and a lovely hint of orange (ingredients: *dates, *prunes, Matcha green tea, *cacao powder, *cacao butter, *cacao nibs, *agave, *quinoa, pink pepper, *orange flavour, *sundried ground raw vanilla bean, *gojiberries. *=organic). This one’s my definite recommendation for all those dark chocolate lovers out there.

Cloudnine comes in a close second, rich with organic lavender and blueberries. And for those less adventurous chocolate lovers, the almondkiss is equally as decadent (and is apparently the bestseller).

So for those of you who thought you’d have to miss out on an Easter egg hunt this year, you were mistaken! These truffles are available online at Girlnola.com and at McEwan’s¬†at Don Mills shopping centre and other stores listed on the Girlnola website.

Oh, and as an interesting side note – I had some supplements and foods tested with a biofeedback machine last week, and these truffles actually tested better than most of my high quality supplements! So there you have it… you can have your chocolate and feel good about it too!

$5.50 for a pack of 3 truffles

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