Successful Seminar at the Integrative Health Institute, Toronto

I just wrapped up a wonderful seminar at the Integrative Health Institute ( in downtown Toronto on November 5th, 2009. A big “THANK YOU!” to Dr. Meghan Walker, ND for coordinating this seminar and for inviting me to speak at the clinic.

The interactive seminar included information on food safety, recognizing and avoiding cross-contamination risks, the principle characteristics of gluten, how to make successful substitutions and time management strategies. And at the end, everyone enjoyed a friendly chat and some wonderfully tasty (if I may say so myself!) chocolate-strawberry cupcakes and lemon mini-loaves (gluten-free, dairy-free and with no refined sugars). Each person also received a handy substitution table for gluten-free flours for quick future reference.

Everytime I speak to people about making successful substitutions to accomodate multiple food allergies, people seem to be amazed by how SIMPLE it really is! It’s really just a matter of learning a few new rules of thumb and gaining a better understanding of food – because you can’t eliminate something from your recipes until you first understand what it actually does. I think everyone left the seminar that evening with more confidence and optimism, and I hope those lessons help them adapt to their dietary needs.

I’m looking forward to future opportunities to speak and present to other people out there who might be struggling with multiple food allergies. Eating to our diets can be easy, affordable and satisfying…. it just takes some time, a willingness to learn, and the right ressources!

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