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“Common” doesn’t always mean “Normal”

Many people ask me why 9 years ago, I decided to start a gluten-free diet. By all accounts, I was quite healthy. But I suffered from recurring headaches, inflammation, stomach aches and other annoying symptoms that all my doctors dismissed … Continue reading

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“Gluten-Free” Doesn’t Always Mean “Healthy”

Gluten-free diets are becoming more and more prevalent as mainstream media, retailers and suppliers are jumping on this increasingly popular bandwagon. Many have touted the health benefits of this diet – but just because something is gluten-free, it’s not automatically … Continue reading

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Pay Now… or Pay Later (Part 2)

At the core of our false belief that meat is cheapĀ – lies corn and oil. Farmers used to grow a multitude of crops on their land, leaving strips of trees and native vegetation in between crop sections. These strips served … Continue reading

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