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Have you ever been told, “It’s all in your head!”?

I think most of us who suffer from food sensitivities have all heard the same thing in our early days of searching for answers: “honey, it’s all in your head.” The headaches – that’s nothing; the sinus and ear infections – just part of growing up; the stomach aches and irregular bowel movements – let’s call that IBS. Continue reading

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Local versus Organic Food… which to choose?

Ever since a celebrated “100 Mile Diet” experiment, eating local has become more and more popular. Another fad to some – a responsible and purposeful decision by others. I myself didn’t really realize the benefits of eating local until a … Continue reading

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The Multiple Sclerosis Recovery Diet

There’s been quite a huff in the media in the past few days about Multiple Sclerosis and the plight of many patients seeking a myriad of treatment options, some of which are not currently covered by provincial health care plans. … Continue reading

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